This week in Round 2 we pay our respects to all ANZACS as we take on the Ballarat FNC on ANZAC Eve (Seniors) and ANZAC Day (Juniors).

Our Senior Sides take on the Ballarat FNC on Anzac eve (Saturday the 24th April) at night , home at the Mars Stadium. Our A Grade Netballers will be unfurling their 2019 Premiership Flag at 4.45pm prior to the commencement of their game, as this match marks the first home game played since the Premiership win. We would love to see as many Northies at the unfurling as possible in support of our Netballers and the exceptional achievement as back to back premiers!

The senior start times are as follows.

Football: U19s 1:50pm, Reserves 4:00pm, Seniors 6.15pm.

Netball: 19Us 11:00am, E Grade 12:05pm, D Grade 1.10pm, C Grade 2.15pm, B Grade 3:20pm, A Grade 4:45pm.

Our Junior sides take on the Ballarat FNC on ANZAC DAY Sunday the 25th of April, home on North oval N0.2. The junior start times are as follows.

Football: 11 Reserves and Seniors 8:00am, 13 Reserves 8:55am, 13 Seniors 9:55am, 15 Reserves 11:00am, 15 Seniors 12:15pm, 17 Reserves 1:35pm, 17 Seniors 3.15pm.

Netball: 11 Reserves 8:00am, 11 Seniors 9:00am, 13 Reserves 10:00am, 13 Seniors 11:00am, 15 Reserves 12:00pm, 15 Seniors 1:00pm, 17 Reserves 2:00pm, 17 Seniors 3:10pm.

* our Under 9’s Football commences on Friday night April the 23rd.

A reminder that In’s & Out’s Club dinners are back every Thursday evening from 6.30pm onwards. A great chance to catch up with Northies and look forward to the weekend ahead, everyone is welcome players, coaches, volunteers, supporters, members and family members, the more the merrier! Lets celebrate season 2021 together.

Good luck to all of our teams and GO NORHT!!

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